Synthetic teak decking

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You and your company have transformed the cockpit on our beautiful yacht. Ben worked very hard to remove the old teak, but was very mindful of how precious Lady Panache is to us and was very careful and clean as he worked.


Lee was also very efficient when he came to fit the new “Teak”. He worked very carefully ensuring that the new pieces all fitted and made adjustments where necessary. Thank you and your team for doing such a marvellous job

Deborah Fensome (Moody 35)

“The deck is of top quality and I am very satisfied with the way it was done from start to finish”.


Deborah Fensome (Moody 35)

At the end of last year I had my 310 Ambassador synthetic teak decked.

The boat interior was the plain grp which the other half got very fed up with trying to keep clean. I rang around a few suppliers to see what I should be paying and what to expect. What a very helpful chap. He explained everything I needed to know and after about ten minutes I felt I had confidence in his company doing the job.

A few days later a chap turned up and templated the boat. The guy had to travel about 200 miles, but still turned up dead on time! After a quick cup of tea, and about an hour or so on the boat off he went.

A week later, I got a call to say its all ready to be installed and would it be convenient to come up the following day. Of course it was no problem and the guys turned up at 9am and straight onto the boat.

It took a day and a half to complete the installation and I cannot tell you how much the synthetic marine teak deck transforms the 310. Everybody that comes onto the boat comments on how good it looks and what an excellent installation job the guys had done ! I wrote immediately to Victor telling him how pleased I was!

If you’re thinking about having this done, make Victor your first point of call – superb service, quality workmanship and nice people to boot!

Luke Smith

Moderator, Sealine Forum

I went to our boat today, full of anticipation, hoping to see the finished cockpit.

What can I say? Brilliant, fantastic, absolutely love it!

I am so pleased with the synthetic marine teak decking and think it has totally transformed the look of our boat. The design, with the borders looks so much better than I ever imagined it would.

As I’m sure you’re aware the boating industry is not best known for looking after its customers so well, but you have managed to rise above others and deliver what you’ve promised. You should feel very proud of that.

Thanks again.

Phil Reygate

Had decking fitted about 5-6 years ago.

Fantastic, next to no maintenance required. Fairy liquid sponge / hose pipe rinse once every other year brings it up to look like new.

YBW Forum

We went to see the flooring on the boat today and it looks fantastic!! Can’t wait until it is back in the water and we can enjoy the boat.


Sea Rose was originally fitted with Treadmaster decks which had become discoloured, chipped and worn so that the fibreglass decks below could be seen in many places. This made her look very shabby and unloved!

I was delighted when I saw the finished results! The decks have been brilliant and I have had a number of compliments with some people not realising that the decks were not real teak!

Nigel Dicks (Westerly Corsair)

They have been fitting decking for us for over 10 years.  Their approach is professional and if there is a problem it is always dealt with without question.

Simon Chapman

RIBS Marine

Our customers expect a high quality finish on their boat when they order synthetic materials and we’ve found this is easily deliverable. We would not hesitate recommending as a trade partner.

Brian Quigley

Quigleys Marina

What a stunning job! We are delighted, have posted photos on our boating website on the same thread as the job you did for Luke, some of the guys at Shotley Marina are also showing an interest.

Trouble is Rachel insists I take my shoes off before entering.

Thanks once again for a job really well done.

David & Rachel

We are really pleased with our new deck. Can you send me some cards please as people are asking about it. Thank you once again.


I am on my boat now and really pleased with her smart new decks. Thank you for managing to get the job done for the weekend. We are passing your details on to a couple of others who are interested. Very best wishes.