Synthetic teak deck

Easy maintenance synthetic teak marine decking

Looking after your Dek-King® couldn’t be easier. Our material is stain resistant and a simple wash using a scrubbing brush along with warm water and a mild, marine-safe detergent should be sufficient to remove everyday dirt, grime and general spillages. Unlike teak decks, Dek-King® can be jet washed in order to provide a thorough clean over larger areas. Liquids such as fish blood, oil or red wine should be cleaned as soon as possible. Allowing the liquid to dry could result in a stain which may prove more difficult to remove.

Synthetic teak decking

Should any surface staining occur we recommend using a piece of 40 grit sandpaper rubbed “along the grain” which will remove most marks and return the area to its original colour. This may be lighter than the surrounding area but should blend over a short period of time.

Please be aware that black soled shoes may leave marks upon the deck surface and high heels should not be worn as they may cause dents to remain in the surface through focused pressure onthe material. As with teak decks we recommend that deck shoes are used as the footwear of choice.

Care should also be taken with furniture. As with the case of high heels, pressure is focused through furniture legs which may create dents upon the surface of the deck. If possible please use pads to help distribute the pressure across a wider area. Ensure that heavy items are not dragged across the surface of the deck as this may scratch the material.

Synthetic teak decking

Avoid placing hot objects onto Dek-King® as this may lead to marks or burns appearing upon the surface which may be difficult to remove, depending on the depth to which the heat has spread.

Power sanders are not recommended as they can easily create an uneven surface or cause damage to the profiles and joins.

By keeping your Dek-King® in a clean and maintained state you will not only keep your deck looking good but will also ensure that it lasts for years to come.

We have a range of excellent cleaning products such as the “All over Boat Cleaner”, available  through our marine flooring online shop, which can be used with a simple scrubbing brush.

Should you have any further questions regarding the upkeep of your deck then please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

Synthetic teak decking

Chemicals & Solvents
Damage caused by chemicals or solvents such as bleach or acetone will void our warranty. Any spills of such liquids should be rinsed with water as soon as possible to prevent staining. Failure to clear such spillages may result in damage which could ruin the material.

Dek-King® is a non-slip product and the application of any liquid surface covering may result in a loss of these properties. The use of these liquids (ie paint, varnish, oil, sealant) will void the warranty upon the product.