Synthetic teak deck on classic yacht

Synthetic teak marine decking colour combinations

Premium synthetic teak decking has a difference you can truly feel.

Synthetic teak decking comes in a number of caulking colour combinations to provide you with a deck that matches your requirements.

The most popuar colours are shown below. The classic teak and black combination is by far the most popular and it is almost universally used on powerboats where the deck is largely fitted under a cockpit canopy enclosure. The general principal is to try and replicate the real world. Where teak is protected it will generally maintain a “newer” teak look.

Sailboats, with their teak cockpits and decks more exposed to sunlight and the elements and customers generally choose a more “weathered” appearance and opt for an alternative colour.

Be it with the bright finish of a freshly laid teak deck, one that has been in use for a couple of seasons or to look like a deck that has been well weathered from the elements, we are able to supply the product to suit your boat.

Synthetic teak decking

Classic teak & black caulking

Synthetic teak decking

Weathered & black caulking

Synthetic teak decking

Light teak & black caulking