Synthetic Teak Decking

Synthetic Teak Decking requires a lot of skill from a trained fitting professional. His priority is to ensure that any Deck Panels are built to the customers requirements to the highest standards and then fitted correctly. He will receive an outline of the customers order, material and colour choice and inspect the deck surface as to its condition to lay the decking product. It is his responsibility to check any Panels are Fabricated exactly as per his Template before accepting the Product for Fitting.

Beautiful Marine Floors supply most of the decking products that we fit. They will be able to supply you with up to date product advice and free samples of a wide variety of products and brand names.  Deck Panels supplied by Beautiful Marine Floors and fitted by a Certified Installer are generally branded as Tecdeks. This is the only way the customer can have confidence in receiving a product of a consistently high standard.

Fitting Synthetic Teak
Preparing a deck for synthetic teak


The Deck may need a lot of preparation before any templating can be carried out. Often rotten teak or other tired deck surface coverings will need removing first. Teak removal services are also offered  

Synthetic teak templating


Decking panels are made from templates taken directly from your boat to ensure that you receive a bespoke product specifically tailored to your boat. We have many methods of templating from traditional to hi- tech methods.

Synthetic teak fitting


Synthetic Teak can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, steel and timber. A good Fitter will ensure that the caulking lines are even and straight.