Synthetic Teak Costs and Pricing

Synthetic teak costs of panel fabrication is governed by the labour involved in welding of Dek King material together either from underneath (bottom weld) or the top along a caulking line (top weld). The most advanced synthetic teak compound is known as 2g which is extremely realistic with grain marbling. It is also cooler in heat and more durable to aging though it does carry a small price premium.  Deck panels are usually finished with a border frame around the perimeter called a margin. Production is a labour intensive and highly skilled process and benefits from production processes and systems to ensure quality is maintained. Unmargined panels are priced around £200 per square metre. The average margined panel price is around £260 per square metre. Quoted price per sq metre does vary according to complexity and material wastage. In addition customers will generally be charged a templating and fitting fee. As a price guide – a typical 28ft sportsboat cockpit of 5 sq metres with margins is normally supplied and fitted in the region of £1750 plus VAT.  Sailing boat side decks have the greatest price variance because the difference in complexity and man hours to produce a traditional style finish compared to a modern straight laid finish. However, our pricing structure follows rules to ensure that pricing is consistent and fair to all parties.

Cheaper versions of synthetic teak are available through us. We can offer Treadmaster Atlanteak which is fabricated by producing an electronic version of the template and routering panels and shapes and caulking lines on a CNC machine. The Atlanteak panels come in sheets 2.5m x 1 m and lend themselves extremely well to logos. Prices depend on the number of sheets used but usually land in the region of £150 + VAT per sq m plus templating and fitting if required.


MCP supplies synthetic teak