Boat Decking Installers South West England

Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall

Installers South West England will fit your boat with a stunning synthetic teak deck using our unmatched expertise in this specialist field. We will advise you which synthetic teak best suits your boat. We have the teams who are equipped with the latest technologies and best quality raw materials.  They can beautifully transform the look and feel of any boat.

Boat Decking Installers South West England - Dartmouth
Boat Decking Installers South West England - Falmouth
Boat Decking Installers South West England - Devizes

River Dart, Dartmouth, Devon, UK

Falmouth Marina, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Denvizes Marina, Wiltshire, UK

Decking Materials – PVC, EVA Foam and Teak Carpet

The decking has to be properly prepared, cut, joined & welded to be a precision fit. Synthetic teak composites can only transform your boat if the deck is fabricated to a high standard. Beautiful Marine Floor fabricators are seasoned, experienced craftsmen. They have state of the art workshops, systems and tools, to ensure they can deliver consistent, outstanding results. The importance of a good fabricator will also impact on the final fit, look, lifespan & impression of the final product

The Importance of a Great Fitter

Often overlooked in the decking process are the fitters. Our Boat Decking Installers South West England are meticulous in producing a detailed & precision template. Even minor inaccuracies can adversely affect the end result. The fitter is also responsible for preparing the surfaces properly & laying down the final flooring, so attention to detail & striving for a well refined, quality finish are the key attributes required. Our team consists of expert fitters that cover all of the Solent area, so you can rest assured you will get top quality workmanship throughout this essential element of the marine flooring process. Decks that have been fabricated by Beautiful Marine Floors and fitted by Certified installers are branded Tecdeks

Boat Interior and Cockpit Carpets

If you are updating your boat with a bespoke synthetic teak deck, it may also be the appropriate time to consider refreshing the remainder of your boat flooring with new interior marine carpet or other flooring options. Beautiful Marine Floors are the UK official distributors for many of the finest marine carpet and flooring brands in the industry.

If you live in SW England, we can service your Boat Decking & Flooring needs

Simply put, we are the leading Marine Flooring company in the UK and our years of experience in the industry have taught us that each and every stage of the boat decking process requires expert skills. People may attempt to template and fabricate and fit, but for consistent results are only obtained by ensuring each task is performed by a dedicated team member. Therefore, our craftsmen are made up of expert fitters and expert fabricators who utilise the best processes to deliver an outstanding final product. Other areas are shown here