Our Deck Of The Month for October 2017 is a Sealine C330, a decking job we completed for the Southampton Boat Show for a Beautiful Marine Floors agent, Penton Hook Sales.

Penton Hook Sales was founded by Chris Manners and Dominic Smulders in 1998 selling an excess of 150 boats a year from its 120 berth dedicated sales pontoon, based in Penton Hook Marina, in Surrey.

Sealine’s History

Penton Hook Marina is an agent for Sealine, one of the most innovative UK builders. Sealine was founded by Tom Murrant in 1972 out of absolute passion for yachts. He couldn’t find the boat he was looking for so he designed one himself. Therefore, a group of highly specialised experts assisted him to create what would be the first Sealine vessel. Production for the Sealine Yachts began under 25 ft. Their initial priorities were the engines, tanks and auxiliary machines. Murrant believed that using clever space was the key to a successful yacht. This quality is still now applied to Sealine yachts today. In 2013, Sealine became a part of of the HanseGroup and Sealine have now moved to North Germany. Since then, the brand has been brought into the 21st century with ideal conditions which means state-of-the-art production processes and direct access to the Baltic Sea.

MCP fit synthetic teak to all powerboats and sailing vessels

MCP fit synthetic teak to all powerboats and sailing vessels

Fabricating Sealine’s New Synthetic Teak Decks

Just before the Southampton Boat Show, we received an order from Penton Hook Marina that required Dek-king for the side decks and foot well to be installed. Below is a gallery of images of the finished deck.

Penton Hook Sales were impressed by the overall result and said it was a first class finish which was the desired outcome prior to the Southampton Boat Show. If you require more information on how you could purchase a Sealine C330 or any other models, please click here.

For more information on the dek-king, please click on the logo below.

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