Deck Fitters and Marine Flooring Solutions

Fitting Synthetic Teak Decking Panels, Carpets and Vinyls

MCP Marine have been synthetic teak deck fitters for 15 years and are a leading expert in this specialised field. To expand its business it needs to recruit more experienced fitters. MCP Marine can guide and train you through the steps required and supply you with everything need to undertake boat flooring and deck fitting projects. If you are knowledgable and experienced about fitting, are familiar with boats and would like to work with us as part of a team then please get in touch.


For us to supply a beautiful new floor panel in either synthetic teak or EVA foam we need fitters to supply us with accurate plastic film templates. We can supply materials and training to help you .

Material supply

  • Plastic templates can be used by us to supply you with synthetic teak panels for fitting
  • Plastic templates can be converted by us into CAD files so EVA foam panels can be CNC cut by specialist companies for fitting
  • Tired sole boards can be refurbished by applying our teak and holly vinyls to their surface
  • Old carpets or templates can be used by us to supply fitters with new carpets. Alternatively we can supply material only for fitters to make the carpets themselves.


  • Instructions on fitting all synthetic teak panels are available along with all the adhesives.
  • EVA foam is simply a peel and stick solution.
  • Carpets are provided with stainless steel poppers if required

DIY Synthetic Teak Decking Tools

There are a few fitting tools necessary to carry ou decking and floor fitting .

Deck fitter Tool
Deck fitter
DIY Synthetic Teak Decking Tool 3

To discuss becoming a MCPmarine fitter of Beautiful Marine Floors call 01243 830492