Custom decking on a steel trawler yacht

Trawler yachts are superb vessels that can accommodate not only pleasure cruising but on board living. So when we received an enquiry for a custom deck in silver colour with cream caulking – it certainly intrigued us! Commissioned in a small maritime village in Holland; this steel trawler yacht was refurbished and fitted out in the UK.

Currently moored at Hampton Court Riviera, it’s one of Great Britain’s historical landmarks. Enriched with history and culture it provides an element of luxury for those who stay there. As a result, it welcomes the most prestige pleasure boats and super yachts to the marina. With this in mind, we ensured that this deck received our full attention.

Thanks to a subtle interior design, our aim was to keep the colour scheme in keeping with the yacht. Subsequently, we had custom made material extruded which was fabricated to make the decking areas. With 35 square metres overall, the job itself required a lot of man power to complete. This included 2 weeks of fabrication and 6 working days to fit. We asked the owner for his final impressions of the finished decking job, he said, “The deck is of top quality and I am very satisfied with the way it was done from start to finish”.

Lastly, with the finishing touches completed, she will be making her first maiden voyage in July to La Rochelle, South West of France.




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Silver with Cream Caulking


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