Synthetic Teak Fitting Specialists


Teak Removal


Teak Removal and Refurbishment

MCP Marine can advise you on all aspects of Teak Removal, Synthetic Teak Decking and Marine Floor Fitting. We have a Network of Fitters who are ready to fit your chosen product. We work closely with Beautiful Marine Floors who can supply latest product advice and samples to you from all leading manufacturers. Once the order has been processed you will receive your Fitters direct mobile number to request any callbacks during his breaks. You can call the main number for updates anytime.  

Fitting Deck and Flooring

Products are usually supplied with a Manufacturers Product Warranty by Beautiful Marine Floors. We give a Fitting Warranty for 2 years after completion.  They supply us with many types of Synthetic Teak Decking including Tecdeks from Deckfab, Permateek from Nautico, and others from Marinegroup. In addition we fit Floteak Composite Cork Decks, Griptec EVA foam, Flotex Decks as well as Lonmarine Vinyls, Infinity Woven Vinyl and much more.


Call for Friendly Adice

We can advise and discuss best practice for fitting. There is every chance we have refurbished or fitted decking or flooring to a similiar boat already.